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Buddhist Temple Under Siege : Awake up Conscience of the World....


Buddhist Temple Under Siege : Awake up Conscience of the World....

Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple in Pathumthani has been undergoing the siege for the 5th day. And, people from all over the country are protesting against the government's bullying acts. 

The Thai government has been trying to capture the temple with military and police forces, including embedding spies among the civilians and monks inside and out of the temple to disrupt the peaceful coordination of the people inside. This time is different, however, the people will not just lay down or drop dead as the government has wished. They have decided to fight for their home, the place they have cultivated and built from the ground up.

They will not give up and they are ready to lay down their lives for their faith and family. They will want to protect buddhism and the monastery with their own blood. Elderlies, infants, children, sick, women and even handicapped people alike are standing hand in hand to counter the attack by the government armed forces.
They would love to have the assistance both from near and far, even from overseas. They will fight until the last of them stand, or drop down.

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